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Blockchain provides trust for smart houses and smart cities IoT devices; Big Data automates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and exponentiates Machine Learning processes. A 3D Printer can build Drones and Automated Vehicles. And these can be remotely controlled and visualized in Virtual Reality headsets.

Whatever your industry works in: Fintech and payments, Sharing Economy "Uberizing" everything", or providing e-Governance mechanisms for cities, organizations, or nation-states. We can help. 

Julio Alejandro

e-Governance | Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies | Media

"The Leonardo da Vinci of Fintech": Coin Telegraph.

Current CEO & Founder of Humanitarian Blockchain and "Digital Anarchy" - Innovation Lab of Disruptive Technologies.

Advisor to Aeternity Cryptocurrency IPO, member of Bitnation, and director of "Machine Learning for Women", "Blockchain in Calais", and "Big Data e-Salam" projects.

US & UK Foreign Correspondent for Excelsior media group, largest in Latin America, and former Deputy Director of La Jornada SL.

Alejandro, 29 years old,  lectured, competed, and lobbied in United Nations, European Union, University of Cambridge, Google Campus London, and other 19 universities, institutions, and think tanks worldwide in 2016.

He has experience in Austrian Economics, globalization and immigration studies from studying in Sciences Po, Itesm, and UCambridge.  He speaks fluent French and Spanish.

gareth Niblett

Identity | IoT & Telecom | Security & Privacy


Ryan khurana

Banking & Forex | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning