We can radically change your business, organization, or enterprise by digitalizing, automating, and designing the integration of the emerging, disruptive, and innovative, technologies.

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Building Tech Ecosystems

Connect - Educate - Optimize

At JADA Consulting we implement Systems and Structures to guide, educate, and optimize the use of disruptive technologies in your business or organization.

Three business analysts, individually experienced in Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, bringing closer the development of complex technologies in efficient, understandable, smart fashionable manners.

·       We adapt our eight “Tech Business Methodologies” to your product or service offered

·       We provide “Structural Mechanisms” to easily and effortlessly “plug-in” the most breaking Disruptive Technologies, use cases, ideas, and concepts.

·       We mapped pre-existing tech with “new” emerging, convergent, and changing tech so your team and workers will know where they were and were they are going.

·       We will “distil” those complicated technical and indigestible jargon into plain, simple, visual, fun language. We do baby steps, we do spoon feed technologies.

Transposable Knowledge

We’re the Outliers, the Outlaws. And as such, we will help you predict “Unintended Consequences” of deploying your technology. 

Analysing “Similarity Patterns”. Comparing industries and personal “Lessons Learned” ideas.

o   How did it happen in the UK so the US can learn?

o   How did it happen in Solar Energy panels so Cryptocurrencies can learn?

o   How did it happen in Fintech so Sharing Economy can learn?

Your organization will evolve from Serial to Parallel models and modes, from Manual to Automated, to Unilateral to Multilateral forms.

We use three models: Horizontal and Vertical models; Full-stacks; Energy wider. We call these processes the “Integration of Interactions”: smoothly polishing the running nodes so multiple micro and macro interactions integrate with each other.

We are no pirates          

Let us analyse your decision-making process to avoid dead-ends.

Determine if you’re dancing around the edges of “illegal” regulations. The current KYC/AML/Anti-Terrorism legislations. The possible Classifications for your organization/product type (Uber as a transportation or service company?). Local and International Tax regimes and VAT perspectives. Future unionization of workers against you.

Approach a collaborative, not confrontational attitude. The right conduct and behaviour a government and its society could tolerate. No more teenager hackaton mentality. A borderless, anarcho-capitalist, tax-free mentality ends here.

We do Reality Checks. Idea Validation schemes such as Customer Creation of Steven Blank, simple Business Canvas Models, and a “Digital SWOT of the Ecosystem” aided by heartlessly honest PEST (Politics, Economics, Society, Technology) Environmental Scan.

Limiting the power of charming positive “delusional in denial” thoughts with no revenue models.

To combine: “what you want” + “what the market will actually buy”.

Drawing the future

Our execution of the delivery material must be fun.

Like pirates, we provide colorful Roadmaps, Timetables, Mind Mappings, Infographics, and audio-visual material needed.

What we provide

We will sit with you on the table:

Initial Consultations, Executive Workshops, White Papers, Deep Team Brainstorming, and other “Learn 101” methods.

Final Thoughts

Inevitably, our team experience leads to convergence of multiple industries and tech.

But each of our consultants have significantly distinctive ethnic, political, and international background; technical, university, and job-experience credentials and specializations; interests, perception of morality and visions of humanity and the world.

These can only lead to one radical conclusion: it exponentiates our imagination and creates "Crowdsourced Solutions" in manners none of our competitors can.

We call these processes the “Integration of Interactions”. We are thrilled to share and experience working with you.

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